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People that “echo”-First Lady Cathy Garino

This month “people that echo” is proud to introduce our First Lady Cathy Garino. Mrs. Garino is not new to the stage of public service. Her husband Mayor Arturo Garino is one of the most accomplished public servants in Nogales serving a second term as mayor. He served as mayor in 2010.

After Mayor Garino completed his term in 2014, they both still continued to volunteer within the community. “It was important for both of us to continue working within our community by supporting organizations that make a difference in our community . The senior center has been a top priority for us. We wanted to make sure we continued to support our senior citizens,” said Cathy Garino.   

“I believe in my husband’s vision, which is to improve the lives of Nogalians by working hard to improve our economy, our schools, neighborhoods, and support businesses and organizations who work directly with the public. I grew up in Nogales. I am invested in my community,” said Cathy.

The role of the first lady is one of the hardest roles to fulfill as no document exists that details any of her duties. She currently works with the Mayor’s administrative assistant Liza Montiel as a volunteer helping out with events, attending forums and community meetings. Cathy Garino has for years supported her husband and his agenda to improve the City of Nogales. Throughout her husband’s career in politics, she has been the backbone of his success in politics. Cathy Garino along with the Garino Team worked tirelessly to get him elected into office for the next four years. She thanks them for helping Nogales move forward.   

“I was approached by several people asking if my husband would be interested in running for mayor. Our slogan “It is time” was encouraged by his supporters who felt it was important for him to lead Nogales through a different path. It was at that point that I knew I had to support him. Nogales was ready for a different course of action,” said Cathy.

Cathy Garino is a Nogales native, born and raised in Nogales, Arizona. She is a descendant of the pioneer family Bejarano. Granddaughter of Ernestina Bejarano Edwards and daughter of  Margaret Edwards and Arnold Rojas. She has five siblings Elizabeth Macias, Patricia Rojas, Clair Sandoval, Ruben Sandoval and two step-sisters Lori and Dorthy Rojas.

Mrs. Garino attended Elm School, Mary Welty School, and the Nogales High School. She has for 23 years managed the Villa Hermosa Apartments. “We at Villa Hermosa Apartments are like a family. We support each other and look out for our children,” said Cathy Garino.

Cathy Garino is  a huge advocate of rescuing cats and dogs. “One thing I would like to personally work on is to help improve our local pet shelters.We are in need of  a larger and more modern facility for the pets. The Human Society does a great job locally but they are limited in their capacity because of funding. We often neglect to support our pet population. They are important too,” said First Lady Cathy Garino.

First Lady Cathy Garino

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