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People that “echo”- Ricardo Santana Velázquez

This month’s people that “echo” has chosen an individual who has during his term in office demonstrated his commitment to our community. Ricardo Santana Velázquez Consul General of Mexico in Nogales, Arizona was appointed on June 24, 2016.  He comes from the Consular Representations of Del Rio and Eagle Pass, Texas where he served as Consul General. Prior to this, he had fulfilled the commission of Delegate of the S.R.E. in the State of Hidalgo since March 1999. He entered the Mexican Foreign Service in 1981 and by rigorous ranks ascended to the rank of Minister November 2000.

He has a master’s degree from the University of Texas, in Business Administration of International Commerce, and he is a graduate of the UNAM in International Relations, with a postgraduate degree in Foreign Policy of Cuba and General Theory of International Organizations. He studied foreign policy issues in Chile, India, Mexico and Central America. He has been commissioned in the United States, Costa Rica, Cuba and Mexico. He participated in more than 40 international meetings. He is also fluent in English and French.

Ricardo Santana Velázquez was born in Tepejí del Río, Hidalgo, on September 18, 1957. He is happily married to Eloina LaFuente Flores 46 years-old. She is currently a student in hotel and tourism. Eloina LaFuente Flores has a Bachelor of Gastroeconomics from CEUNO University in Nogales Sonora, Mexico. They have 5 children, Andro Ricardo 33 years-old, Raisa 29 years-old, Randol 21 years-old, Eloina 20 years-old, and their youngest daughter Ilsemaria 15 years-old. “I am blessed. I have the great opportunity to serve my country in a job and place I enjoy. My biggest accomplishment in life is my family. They are my biggest supporters I always want to make them proud said,” Consul General, Ricardo Santana Velázquez. 


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