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People that”echo”-Linda Manjarrez

For the month of August, Border Eco selected for their people that “echo” piece Linda Manjarrez. She is the regional program director for Luminaria Home Care Services.  Mrs.Manjarrez has been working with Lutheran Social Services for more than 10 years.She is a college graduate with an Associates Degree in Business.

Linda has over 21 years of extensive experience working in the field of gerontology. “I know personally some of the challenges many caregivers face when caring for their loved ones. I am always looking for new venues to help the elderly and children with special needs in our community,” said Manjarrez.

She is an active community member who understands some of the challenges families with limited resources face when caring for their loved ones. The high cost of healthcare has made it difficult for local families to have access to the services their loved ones need in order to lead normal healthy lives. Linda has made it her lifetime career helping seniors and people with disabilities find the resources they need so they are able to lead fulfilling lives.

“I have been working with Lutheran Social Services/Luminaria Home Care for several years now. I am very passionate about the work we do in Southern Arizona. I am honored to work for an organization who is dedicated to serving those in need, said Manjarrez. Luminaria Home Care Services was recently recognized by the City of Nogales and the Chamber of Commerce for their great customer service.

Mrs. Manjarrez immigrated from Nogales, Sonora Mexico to Nogales, Arizona in 1977. She is married and has two sons ages 18 and 23 years-old.  Her youngest son is currently a senior at Nogales High School. Her oldest son is currently a student at the University of Arizona.
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