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People that “echo”-Nidia Solorzano

Border Eco proudly features this month in its people that “echo” Nidia Solorzano a woman dedicated to public service. Mrs.Solorzano is currently employed by the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office as a Victims Services Division Advocate. She was recently selected to attend the advanced leadership seminar “Women’ Empowerment of the 21 Century” in Washington D.C. Approximately 4,700 Sonoran women were nominated to attend this seminar. After a strict selection process, only 150 women were selected from the 4,700. The group of 150 women was interviewed individually in Hermosillo, Sonora by a jury of 8 professionals from different government agencies to finally choose the 100 winning women.  

This event is sponsored by the SONORENSES DE 100// which is an effort of the Governor of Sonora Claudia Pavlovich and the Secretary of Education and Culture of Mexico. The event was held May 13 -May 21st, (five business days) it was provided by The Washington Center and The Advanced Leadership Foundation in Washington, D.C.

She has been advocating for victims of domestic violence, since 2005. Her mission has been to educate the community on the devastating effects domestic violence has on the whole family unit. She is the lead organizer of the “Walk to End Domestic Violence” which is hosted during October National Domestic Violence

Awareness Month. She is originally from Nogales, Sonora Mexico. She immigrated to the Nogales, Arizona where she has been living and working here for 15 years. She is a community leader highly recognized for her dedication to community service. She has been recognized by several organizations such as the City of Nogales, Mano Amiga, the Consulate of Mexico, the Arizona Daily Star, Santa Cruz County Attorney’s office, and Nuestra Casa/Our House Domestic Violence Shelter for her exceptional work in the community.

Ms. Solorzano is also recognized for her work as a radio commentator for KOHF-World Maxima 99.1 FM Radio. She has been working there since 2008. Her main focus is to help educate families on the importance of child-rearing, family values, and personal development. She has worked tirelessly to develop a good working relationship with our counterparts in Mexico. She collaborates with the Mexican Consulate, the Mariposa

Community Health Center and other organizations to provide local training for community members on topics that will help improve their overall well-being.  Ms. Solorzano possess attributes of a good community activist. One specific attribute is her humility. She is highly admired by her peers for her humility, kindness, and commitment to the community. She believes the most important values one can have are those of faith, love, friendship, generosity, respect, and empathy. Nidia Solorzano not only believes these are important values to have but also models these concepts in everything she does. She is a true inspiration for her humility, and highly admired by her service to others.


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