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People that “Echo”-Chris Young

There is a new rising star in our community Chris Young. He is currently working at the Santa Cruz County Superintendent’s Office as a chief deputy. Mr. Young started working for the Santa on October 31, 2016.  “The Santa Cruz County Superintendent’s Office led by Mr. Alfredo I. Velásquez, plays an important role in the success of education within our county,” said Young. Mr. Young’s role is to make sure the office of the superintendent provides the proper supervision and support to ensure the school district budgets’ are being managed properly.  Mr. Young is also responsible for leading and promoting County Superintendent Office initiatives within the community.  He is no stranger to education. Mr. Young has a secondary teaching degree from the state of Colorado. He worked at a private University in Mexico for the past 13 years as  an Academic Director of Campus, High School Principal, and Academic Regional Manager.  


Mr. Young chose education as his profession while in college. According to Mr. Young he has never had second thoughts about his profession.  He believes strongly in the power of education.  Mr. Young’s goals are to make sure that projects within the schools and their participation in the community are directly aligned with the goals of the community.  Mr. Young believes it is important to work together to make Santa Cruz County is the best it can be.


Mr. Young is originally from Colorado where he earned his secondary teaching degree in history. He lived for the past 13 years in Mexico where he worked for a private University of Mexico.  The person who had the biggest impact on his professional career was his former boss Leticia Amezaga.  She was the first person to demonstrate the importance of positive relationships. She was a true inspiration as she was an accomplished professional, but at the same time treated everyone with the utmost respect.  

Mr. Young considers himself as the luckiest man in the world because of his amazing wife Bianca Martinez who is originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.  “She is highly intelligent, beautiful and extremely supportive.  We have two twin 1-year-old daughters, Emma Jo and Maya Jo Young, who have absolutely changed our lives,” said Mr. Young.   

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