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People that “Echo”-Mary Darling

This New Year we are proud to introduce our People that “Echo” Mary Darling. She is a community leader working hard to make a difference in Santa Cruz County. Mary moved to Nogales in 1997. She has been a Santa Cruz County resident for 19 years. She is originally from Chicago. She moved from Chicago to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona in 1978; she also attended the University of California -Irvine focusing on sustainability issues.

Ms. Darling is one of the few people in our community who are active within our city and county government. You might have bumped into her at a public event. You will always find her attending a city council or board meeting. Ms. Darling is an active community member making sure she is on top of the issues that matter to our community.

Mary Darling is a Chapter Lead, formerly a co-state Lead with Organizing For Action. It is nonprofit 501c4 organization and community organizing project that advocates for a progressive agenda at a national, state and local level. Ms. Darling has extensive experience working in public service. She has worked in hospitality, been a chair for a Tourism Partnerships and currently Chairs the Santa Cruz County Democratic Party.   


Her family includes her mother, the ‘other’ Mary Darling, husband Dick McCune, her siblings, Cathy, now deceased, Mike, and Ann along with Tyler and Emily. Her father, Les, lives with his wife in Fountain Hills. Mary Darling is an inspiration as her work in Santa Cruz County has helped to inspire community members to take interest in registering to vote, get involved in public service, government policy, and advocacy. Her work made an “echo”  this past election as more people registered to vote for the first in Santa Cruz County.

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