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People that “Echo”-Francisco Padilla

Our pick for this month’s People that “Echo” is Francisco Padilla from First Things First. He is an individual dedicated to public service. Francisco Padilla serves as the Regional Director for the Santa Cruz Regional Partnership Council. He has been working in the field of early education for 4 years. First Things First is a statewide initiative dedicated to to supporting the healthy development and learning of children from birth to age 5. It is also the only public funding source exclusively dedicated to early childhood. Investing in early childhood is important and has a direct effect on the community as it shapes the rest of their lives. “I enjoy all of the work I do but what I most enjoy is being able to go out to all of the different parts in the region and seeing the impact our programs have on children birth to five and their families” said Francisco Padilla.

Mr. Padilla was born and raised in Nogales, he is the son of Francisco and Alejandra Padilla. A University of Arizona graduate with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Married to Megan Padilla an Instructional Specialist at Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District #35. He has 3 sons Francisco 2 years-old (5th generation), and 7 month-old twins Mateo and Diego.  

“I have always had a passion for serving the community. I believe it is my calling to be a public servant,” said Padilla. Mr. Padilla has worked in the field of education for several years. Before accepting employment at First Things First he worked for the Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District #35.

Mr. Padilla is also a basketball coach for Calabasas Middle School it is 2nd year coaching there. He has been coaching basketball for over 5 years. “It is a bit tricky to balance coaching with work and family but it is something I extremely enjoy doing,” said Padilla.  

Francisco Padilla has a successful track record of serving his community. His enthusiasm to work collaboratively with local organizations that provide support to children and families is clearly inspiring. Border Eco recognizes individuals like him and wants to make sure his work and service do not go unnoticed in Santa Cruz County. We would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share your work with the community.

“My plans for the future are to continue working with First Things First to help grow the early childhood system not only in Santa Cruz but across the state too. The biggest impact First Things First has had in my life is how I can directly implement what I’ve learned to use with my boys at home. My boys fall into the demographics of the children First Things First serves,” said Francisco Padilla.

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