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People that “Echo”-Judge Kimberly Corsaro

Judge Kimberly Corsaro recently celebrated her 22nd anniversary working within the judicial system. Judge Corsaro is a full-time Superior Court Judge Pro Tempore. She is appointed to her position each year by the Presiding Judge of the Santa Cruz County Superior Court approved by the SCC Board of Supervisors. The approval is then sent to the Supreme Court for approval, if approved the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court signs the appointment for another year. Judge Corsaro is then appointed as a pro tem judge in Santa Cruz, Cochise, Greenlee, and Pima County.

“My role as a judge is to serve the community by handling cases in a fair and impartial manner,” said Judge Corsaro. We strive to resolve legal issues for others in an expeditious, fair and impartial manner. Judge Kimberly Corsaro serves as the Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court. Aside from her duties as presiding judge she has administrative duties, and participate in the Arizona Supreme Court’s Committee on Juvenile Courts. She also serves on two additionals committees at the Supreme Court-Committee on Probation, and was recently appointed to the Steering Committee on Arizona Case Processing Standards.

Judge Kimberly Corsaro never had envisioned herself as a judge when she first started her law practice in corporate/business law, property and produce related issues. The opportunity arose for her to work with the court. As a result, she has the opportunity to work with people and families. “My role as a judge has changed my life in many ways, I probably can’t quantify. The most obvious is my approach to parenting. I was not a parent when I began my job as a judge. I’ve learned from my court related education and the families I have worked with, it shaped my approach to parenting my own children.”  

Judges just like teachers, nurses, and healthcare providers are required each year to participate in continuing education. Judge Kimberly Corsaro takes courses that keep her current on law through the Supreme Court and local court. While serving as a judge she graduated from the Institute of Court Management with a certification in court management, and court executive. These courses help her manage those duties of Presiding Juvenile Court Judge for SCC.

Judge Kimberly Corsaro handles all delinquency, dependence, adoptions, minor abortions, and emancipation. In addition to that she serves as IV-D commissioner, these are the cases where the state files an action to establish child support on behalf of the child. For those Individuals who are married and decide to divorce, she can do their divorce too. She recently received a portion of the domestic violence cases that do not involve the state. She handles regular divorce cases for couples with or without children.

Judge Corsaro handles a fifth of the civil cases in Santa Cruz County. She is also serves as a Pro Temp in 3 other counties Cochise, Pima, and Greenlee. Judges also work weekends. They rotate every month to make sure they are available on call during the weekend. The SCC Juvenile Court sets the stage for impacting children’s lives one family at a time. “Our focus is on rehabilitation, rather than retribution, our system is setup to educate children and their families  on how to lead law abiding lives by providing leadership, structure, and opportunity for change. My courtroom is setup to help ease some of the concerns children have when going through divorce, adoption, and foster care placement. I want children to feel comfortable in the courtroom. I understand how scary such an experience can be for them. The handmade quilts in the courtroom and toys next to the bench are to help set a comfortable environment for them,” said Judge Kimberly Corsaro.

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