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Cochise College selects a local Nogales Native-Gabriel Galindo

Recently Border Eco had featured a piece on Sue Neilsen’s retirement. Many people awaited the announcement of the new Cochise College- Santa Cruz Center director. We are pleased to announce the position has been offered to a local native of Nogales. Gabriel Galindo. Mr. Galindo has extensive experience working in the field of education.  He was born, and raised in Southern Arizona. He graduated from Nogales High School, and completed his higher education in Southern Arizona.  Like many leaders, Gabriel has been given the opportunity to bring new ideas to the table. His incredible leadership skills have provided him with the motivation to overcome many obstacles in his life. He is a dedicated educator making education a top priority for Santa Cruz County. He is devoted into making education a positive experience for all college students. He has worked as an education counselor at Cochise College helping students towards achieving their educational goals at a quicker more affordable way.

Gabriel Galindo has worked in the education field for over 2 years. He believes he has achieved a lot professionally. The advantage he has to other candidates who applied for the director position is that he is already familiar with the system. “Helping students better themselves is my priority, so they may provide themselves with stronger opportunities to succeed both personally and professionally” says Galindo. When asked if he envisioned the world of education in his career path, he smiled. Mr. Galindo comes from a family of educators. After venturing in the world of business, he found himself back in the field of education. He finds similarities in both fields (business and education).

“We are in the business of providing a world class educational experience. I have truly found myself living the best of both worlds,” said Galindo.  His goal is to make sure all students receive the guidance they need towards getting the best quality education. He believes helping students has made a huge difference in his life. “Being a part of  making someone’s life change for the better is an amazing feeling,” said Mr. Galindo.  Cochise College Santa Cruz Center is committed to create a world class educational environment that advances student achievement. It has become a catalyst for economic development, and prosperity in our bi-national community.  We have built an educational institution that works collaboratively with businesses, and the industry to develop a skilled workforce. This skilled workforce of the 21st century needs to be competitive in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Cochise College is dedicated to providing the best quality education to help prepare our students who are heading into careers, technical, and higher educational institutions.  “Our students are the future, it is simply amazing to be part of this process we want them to succeed,” said Galindo.

Due to Cochise College’s success the community now understands the importance of academic achievement. Education is the tool towards success. A way to achieve one’s life goals is through education. Education is the window of opportunity turning jobs into careers. Cochise College Santa Cruz Center provides an opportunity for everyone no matter their economic, or academic status. The center works collectively with the ADA/Disability Services team, to provide equal opportunities to everyone regardless of their disability.  According to Mr. Galindo, “Our core values include keywords such as excellence, accountability, and of course, community.  We are here to help everyone no matter what the circumstances.”

“We enjoy working with our community, they know we are here to provide them with a world-class educational experience.   We pledge to provide a high quality learning community for the citizens of Santa Cruz County.  We embrace our diverse population, and we are committed to student success, said Gabriel Galindo.” Cochise College has numerous upcoming community events. The Santa Cruz Center is always busy investing in our community. They are in the process of working with the Santa Cruz Workforce team in the planning of their yearly Career Expo. They also work closely with the school districts too to host their career days, and college visits. Cochise College also has their yearly College Goal FAFSA where they assist  students interested in pursuing a higher education how to fill out their financial aid application. The college is working closely with the UofA South outreach department to let community members know they are able to complete their post-secondary education in Santa Cruz County. “We are very lucky to live in Santa Cruz County.  The rolling hills, the weather, the people, and culture.We are the envy of those who are fortunate enough to be able to visit us. Santa Cruz County is a proud, and honorable community. We are quite fortunate to be citizens of this wonderful area,” said Gabriel Galindo. “My family is the most important part of my life, as I am a firm believer that you don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.  My family is what drives me to be the best that I can be,” said Galindo.   


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