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People That “Echo” Margarita Elias- Helping Families in Santa Cruz County

For this month’s editorial our choice for the April Magazine on People That Echo in our community is Margarita Elias. Margarita Elias  works in a private, community-based non-profit agency as the director of Healthy Families Arizona at Child & Family Resources, Inc. Healthy Families Arizona is a program that serves families facing  challenges, teaching parents how to be the most adequate parents they can be despite  challenges they may be facing. She has been working in the social services field for 23 years, including mental health and prevention services. Mrs. Elias is truly passionate about working with families, and helping individuals become self-sufficient.

Margarita Elias was born and raised in Nogales Arizona. She is a proud graduate of Nogales High School in 1987. Mrs. Elias graduated from the University of Arizona in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science in Family Studies, and a Minor in Sociology. She also graduated from Arizona State University in 2005 with a Masters in Social Work. “This is exactly how I envisioned my career would be. I love what I do and I have the most dedicated, and compassionate staff that helps make my job easier” said Mrs. Elias. She is currently working towards obtaining her Independent License to become a certified, licensed Social Worker (LCSW) through the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health. Her education has provided her with knowledge and opportunities to be able to support others facing hardships  and gain a deeper understanding of social problems we face on a daily basis.  Mrs. Elias served as a council member on the First Things First Regional Council from 2008-2010. She has also been a member of the National Association of Social Workers professional organization.

Mrs. Elias role is to oversee the Healthy Families Arizona program. This program is a voluntary home visitation program that serves pregnant women and families of newborns. The program was established  in Arizona 1991 by the Arizona Department of Child Safety. It is a prevention program designed and dedicated to supporting families in their journey to be the best parents they can be. The program provides help to expectant and new parents get their children off to a healthy start. Program services are designed to strengthen families during the critical first years of a child’s life – the time when early brain development occurs. Through its efforts to support and educate families, the program has shown to reduce incidences of child abuse and neglect, provide stability for families facing life challenges.  The mission of Healthy Families Arizona is to enhance parent-child relationships, optimize child health and development, build on family strengths and prevent child abuse and neglect. Child & Family Resources, Inc. works towards building resilient children.

On April 21, 2015,  Child & Family Resources, Inc. will be hosting an event called Champions for Children & Families Luncheon, which is hosted every year during Child Abuse Prevention Month, Child & Family Resources honors local champions who have given their time, and talent to help build strong children, youth, and families. Volunteers  donate their time to help improve Santa Cruz County families lives.


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