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“Dedicated To Community”-Maurico Chavez People that “Echo”

For this month’s editorial we are featuring an individual dedicated to helping people achieve not only their career goals but improve their quality of life. The WIA and Adult Education Director Mauricio Chavez has been in his current position 2 years in April. Already he has been making waves around Santa Cruz County, as the Santa Cruz County One Stop hosted very successful Career and Community Expo last Fall with more than 400 people in attendance.

Mauricio Chavez was born in Nogales Sonora, México and moved to Nogales, Arizona when he was 7 years-old. Mr. Chavez completed his early childhood education at the Nogales Unified School District.  He is a proud graduate of Nogales High School. After completing his high school diploma he attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.  There he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

“I truly enjoy working in my current position, as I am able to help community members improve their lives,” said Mauricio Chavez. The Santa Cruz County One Stop offers an array of services to individuals who are unemployed, changing careers or looking to further their skills. We are truly dedicated towards helping to improve our community.

Every career change is an opportunity for any individual to learn new skills. Here at the Santa Cruz One Stop our customers have an opportunity to learn new skills, get training in a specific field of interest, learn how to interview for a job, and write a killer resume to help them land a job. We are very proud to be recognized for helping people in the community reach their career goals.

Mr. Chavez believes education, training, and perseverance are the key to success.  Every job offers an individual an opportunity to learn something new. I know my job can be challenging but at the same time it is very rewarding. We have to always look at our job as a new venture.“I learn something new everyday too,” said Mauricio Chavez.

I am very fortunate to have such a great staff. We have individuals working with us who are dedicated to helping our community members meet their career and educational goals. Our priority is making sure that anyone who walks in through our doors finds exactly what they are looking for. Education and training provide us with greater opportunities. We at the Santa Cruz County One Stop are dedicated to offering our customers the best service.

My future plans are to grow along with the organization. I look forward to continue  working with individuals, businesses, and the community to help meet the needs of Santa Cruz County . We want to contribute to our community. “I am ready to take on additional responsibilities, and to contribute as much as I can towards helping to improve Santa Cruz County,” said Chavez.

We at the Santa Cruz One Stop are passionate about helping people succeed. We are here to help people achieve their career goals. We have a vested interest in one‘s job and in our community. Education and training are the cornerstone of any job opportunity. Mauricio Chavez believes one’s career path takes one through different roads. I am particularly pleased with the path my career has taken to date. “I truly consider myself very fortunate to be given this opportunity as director of the WIA and Adult Education programs,” said Mr. Chavez. I find myself in a good place right now.

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