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“Gathering Grounds Coffee House & Grill, Helping Local Artist’s Gain Recognition”

The Gathering Grounds Coffee House & Grill has been open for over 20 years, it is located in central Patagonia. Now owned by Mrs.Doles and her family, they serve a variety of coffee and have a very healthy menu with a variety of choices to choose from. Mrs.Doles first started working there when she was 14 as a server. While working there she continued with her schooling, she later came back to Patagonia after completing college. When she found out the “Gathering Grounds Coffee House” was for sale she and her husband decided to purchase the business.

It was not easy for them as it took time and business loans in order for them to purchase the business but they were determined to keep it open. As a result of their hard work and perseverance Mrs. Doles and her family have been running the restaurant for almost 4 years now. According to Mrs. Doles, “ She feels fortunate to be able to own her own business in such a great place like Santa Cruz County.” She loves being able to meet people from different areas who stop by the coffee shop.

Mrs. Doles never imagined it would be difficult and overwhelming at times too run a business like this. One has to basically be on top of everything and it is a very tedious job. Her future goal as a business owner is to expand the kitchen to help her business. Her staff do wonders with what they have but a larger space would have endless possibilities. “I am not in this business for the money, I love living in this town and want to make it a better place for her family” said, Ms. Doles.

Every 1st Thursday of the month, she invites local artists the opportunity to exhibit their work at her coffee shop. Local artists are encouraged to sign up and bring their artwork to be displayed. She does not charge the artists commission all proceeds go to the artist. This is a great way for the artist to get recognition in the community. She would like to keep the restaurant in the family but finds herself teaching locals different things throughout  her career.

Mrs.Doles brief comment,” I am very grateful to be a part of this community, I have always loved it here and I proud to be a business owner in Santa Cruz County.” Her advice to other people pursuing their goals is to always keep in mind education is a top priority, we all need an education it is not only necessary but provides one with a balance.

One needs to be dedicated as it can be difficult pursuing an education and working at the same time but the benefits in the end will be worth it. Regardless of the career or goal one needs to understand that in order to achieve your goals you need to stay in task and be prepared to do anything to keep it going, from dishwashing to scrubbing the toilets, in other words always stay humble” said, Mrs. Dole.

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