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Want a Change for the Better? Try Leading for a Change

By Alex Rodriguez

It is no big secret that in Ambos Nogales as in the entire world, problems abound everywhere you look these days.  Yes, we are faced with daily challenges that at times seem insurmountable.  Sadly, to some, life has become one tragic situation after another.  Why is that?  You can blame things on the economy and the Great Recession.  You can blame things on politicians and their self-interested agenda’s.  You can blame it on the people that lead our community and organizations.  You can even blame it on the family you were born into.  But ultimately, there is simply no getting around it:  the blame lies within each one of us…  We are the ones that tolerate a world of constant troubles.  Imagine if we could instead create a world of constant success?  To do so, it is up to us to accept 100% responsibility for everything that happens or doesn’t happen in our very lives.

Yet, you’ve heard the phrase before:  ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going…’  Well not this time.  At least not in the last few years since the Great Recession first began in December of 2007…  Don’t you get the feeling that leader’s are simply not leading?  In fact, I often wonder, where have all our leaders gone?  And while we are the topic of leaders, why aren’t we better preparing the next generation of leaders to do a better job then we have when it comes to problem-solving and leadership effectiveness?
One reason for that is that most of us in leadership and management roles were not adequately trained to become leaders in the first place.  This is the tragic mistake.  Think about your last promotion or a time when you were asked to assume more responsibility.  Did you receive relevant leadership training prior to assuming your new role?  Odds are if you are like most of us, you did not and that is truly not your fault.  But, what is in your control today is ample ability to bone up on your leadership skills to drive better outcomes at work, at home or at play…
At a minimum, in hopes to help accelerate your leadership cause, I recommend that you practice these four steps every day:
• Reject Leadership By Threat or Intimidation
• Practice Genuine Leadership By Example
• Model What You Expect Others to Emulate
• And Learn to Give Power Away, As You Do, Others will Empower You
Friends, this moment in history is relatively bleak.  But, the future belongs to those who fight for it…  It’s time for us to lead for a change…  When we do, others will rise-up to the challenge and lead with us…
To Your Leadership Success!
-Alex Rodriguez is a Class of 1989 graduate of Nogales High School and recent inductee of the NHS Hall of Fame.  A Harvard graduate, Alex is an Amazon Best Selling Co-Author of Counter-Attack, Business Strategies for Explosive Growth in the New Economy.  For a FREE ebook copy, please send an email with the Subject Line:  “FREE Counter-Attack Book Request” to Alex at  Alex is available for speaking and business strategy consulting.  Please visit for more information.

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