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Making an Impact-Pinal Hispanic Council

From the moment you walk into Pinal Hispanic Council members are made to feel welcomed. This speaks volumes about the type of help you will receive.Pinal Hispanic Council has been in Santa Cruz County for 7 years. It was founded as a grassroots organization focusing on education and behavioral health.

In 1987, PHC began to develop and implement a comprehensive continuum of care for behavioral health services. In 1990 PHC opened a clinic in Eloy, another clinic opened in 1991 in Coolidge and another in Casa Grande in 2000.  PHC has expanded to 5 locations Coolidge, Casa Grande, Eloy, Douglas, and Nogales. PHC is a Latino base organization promoting a strength-based culture of advocacy while empowering its members to live healthy productive lives.

PHC offers a full and integrated continuum of behavioral health services. This allows for placing individuals in the most appropriate level of treatment for their needs and allowing step down to other services depending on specific situations. PHC recruits qualified and competent behavioral health staff to accurately assess, diagnose and treat most mental health and substance abuse problems. Treatment is available for individuals suffering from: depression, anxiety, grief, obsessive-compulsive disorder, alcohol abuse/dependency, drug abuse/dependency, anger management, family conflicts, domestic violence and child behavior problems.

PHC supports other organizations in the community, PHC provides outpatient services to children, youth, adults, elder and families who are experiencing issues related to mental health, domestic violence, child abuse, and relationships. The agency also provides education, information, referral and advocacy services. PHC values its ability to collaborate with community entities to ensure quality services. Each facility has a wellness program to develop an integrated approach to healing and personal improvement.

“We have so many success stories where members are able to return to their lives.    It is so gratifying to see how much we have improved the lives of our members. We support them sometimes with food boxes, and advocate for them to get them the proper services,” said Alberto Durazo Clinical Supervisor.

PHC has 13 staff members currently employed in Santa Cruz County. It is a Latino-led organization, which focuses on cultural concepts like la Familia and the extended family, while embracing the values and concepts of mutual understanding, empowering its members to use their skills and resources. “Interacting with individuals who have overcome so much is not only humbling but inspiring. We have faith in the people we work with as they will go on to live a life that is meaningful to them,” said Alberto Durazo Clinical Supervisor.

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