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South Eastern Arizona Behavioral Health Services also is known as SEABHS provides mental health and substance abuse services to Santa Cruz County. It is an organization that has been in Santa Cruz County for over 42 years. It recently reopened it doors again in Nogales in July of 2017.

SEABHS was originally founded in 1976 to serve as the administrative entity overseeing behavioral health services in GSA 3, consisting of Santa Cruz, Cochise, Graham and Greenlee counties. It was founded and originally headquartered in Santa Cruz County. SEABHS developed a network of provider agencies across the four counties. The first agency to join was the Santa Cruz Family Guidance Center in Nogales.

It serves members of the community ages birth to five, children 6-17 and adults 18 and older. SEABHS provides counseling, case management and skills training for issues of trauma, anxiety, relationship problems, skills in obtaining employment, depression and substance abuse/addiction. SEABHS provides psychiatric services for people with severe mental illnesses including schizophrenia, severe depression/anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

“I enjoy working for SEABHS because of the support we receive from our supervisors in Benson, and Safford Arizona. We feel like we are not working on our own we feel like we are part of the team,” said Yassar Canchola Site Supervisor.  

SEABHS mission is to improve the quality of life of its members. They do not only focus on the mental health aspect but also on the physical aspect. Their integrative health approach is based out of the 8 dimensions of wellness. SEABHS goal is to meet the overall needs of their members so they are able to lead healthy and productive lives.

SEABHS is focused on providing outcome-based services. What that means is they identify the issues, target specific goals, and objectives to provide the member with the necessary skills to be effective in managing those objectives. This, in turn, enables their members to live and feel self-sufficient and empowered.

The Nogales SEABHS office is staffed with 10 personnel, which are comprised of clinicians, behavioral health techs, and administrative staff. “We are committed to holding ourselves and others in taking personal accountability for our actions and attitudes. Without personal accountability we cannot grow nor, can we ever improve ourselves in achieving planned outcomes,” said Yassar Canchola Site Supervisor for SEABHS.

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