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Connecting the Pieces

The Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office sponsored and hosted a Meet and Greet Breakfast Event with
the help of the CCRT (Coordinated Community Response Team) and the Adolescent Wellness Network. Approximately 75 participants attended, including school personnel and local agencies. The goal of the event was to allow local agencies to promote their services within the school community. The event was a joint effort between the Healthy Student Grant coordinator, Teresa Sprigg, and co-chairs from the CCRT Tom Mcalpin and Sonia Sánchez along with Chris Bachelier from the Adolescent Wellness Network.

Approximately 22 agencies shared their information with members of the school community from across the county. Guests were welcomed by the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent, Alfredo I. Velásquez. The event included guest speaker Jorge Ruiz, who spoke about the importance of supporting youth by inspiring hope and faith in themselves. Participants received a Community Outreach Guide which lists important information available for support of youth and families.


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