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Fathers are Important!

Mariposa Community Health Center is now offering special support services for fathers and partners of Healthy Start clients. Healthy Start is a federally-funded home visitation program that provides case management for pregnant women, postpartum women and their children up to age 2. This program has always included fathers as part of case management, however, now we have a male specialist to meet the unique needs of fathers.

The Fatherhood Support Program is led by Isaac Burgueño. According to Isaac, “Our purpose is to assist fathers so that they have the information and confidence they need to support their partners during pregnancy and after the baby is born, as well as help fathers be actively involved in raising their children. We also encourage fathers to be involved in family planning for the health of mothers and families.”

Although any partner of a Healthy Start mom or child is eligible for this program, Isaac is particularly interested in helping teen fathers and all first-time dads, as well as fathers who may not be active in a relationship with the mother or in the home, but wish to be active in their child’s life.

Via one-on-one visits and a support group, fathers discuss changes during pregnancy, how to support breastfeeding, how relationships change with parenting and age-appropriate child development. “I am proud to be a father, but I recognize what a great responsibility that is. I really enjoy working with other fathers to help them be the best that they can be. It is an honor to help other fathers be more actively involved in their children’s lives.”

Program services are offered in English or in Spanish. Appointments and groups are offered at flexible hours and in various community locations, particularly to accommodate working dads.

For more information about the Fatherhood Services Support Program, please contact Isaac Burgeño at Mariposa Community Health Center (520) 375-6050 or iburgueñ


Special support services for fathers.

Special support services for fathers.

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