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“Mariposa Community Health Center Offering Health Insurance Assistance”

The Affordable Health Care Act has made it easier for everyone to have access to health insurance. It is impossible to predict when an illness or medical emergency will strike.  However, when it occurs, health care costs for individuals without insurance can be a disastrous financial burden.  It is important to always be prepared with health insurance. In addition to offering a wide array of medical and dental services to Santa Cruz County residents, Mariposa Community Health Center also offers assistance with determining health insurance options and completing enrollment applications.

As a community service, Mariposa Community Health Center provides residents of Santa Cruz County with education and enrollment assistance in applying for health insurance through the marketplace. The service is free of charge. Mariposa has 11eligibility specialists trained to help individuals find the appropriate coverage to suit their needs.

Through the Affordable Care Act, individuals can qualify for a health insurance plan with savings based on their income. Most people who apply qualify for a premium tax credit, which helps to lower the cost of coverage. Individuals with more limited income may qualify for Medicaid (AHCCCS), a program that provides free or low-cost coverage to millions of families with limited income.

For those who do not qualify for AHCCCS or insurance through the Affordable Care Act, or for those people who have health insurance with high deductibles or co-payments, Mariposa also offers the Mariposa Health Plan, a sliding fee scale for individuals who meet income and residency requirements. These individuals may also qualify for significant discounts for specialty and hospital care through the Santa Cruz Health Connection (SCHC) program.  SCHC is only for people who do not meet any eligibility requirements for AHCCCS or Marketplace. Santa Cruz Health Connection is actually a discount program, not a health insurance.

For more information on enrolling for health insurance through the Marketplace or applying for medical discounts, please contact Mariposa Community Health Center at 281-1550 or stop by the Mariposa Community Health Enrollment Assistance Center at 1740 N. Mastick Way Ste. A. in Nogales, Arizona.     

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