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Dr. Duran rose above all expectations onto success

Dr. Jose Ignacio Duran

For the last 27 years, Dr. Jose Ignacio Duran has been caring for the woman of Santa Cruz County through his office at the Women’s Center on Carondolet Drive. Duran, born in Cananea, Mexico to parents of limited education, broke through all barriers and rose above all expectations on his path to where he is today.
At the age of five, Duran’s family moved to Nogales, Sonora where they resided for a year while awaiting their immigration papers. From there they moved to Tucson, Arizona where he and his brother attended Pueblo High School. Although resources at the school were limited, with drive and dedication, young Duran pushed forward even becoming Senior Class President and eventually being accepted to Stanford University in California in 1974. He was also accepted to Brown University and Carlton College, but chose to stay in the west coast in order to be closer to home.
With the same drive and dedication that he had in high school, Duran took on extra classes to earn more credits and managed to graduate Stanford in only three short years. “For some reason, I was given a shot, and I wasn’t going to blow it,” said Duran. With his eyes set on either a future in civil engineering, or medicine, young Duran chose the latter of the two because it would allow him more time with family.
Being accepted to The University of Arizona Medical School brought Duran back home to Tucson. Here he completed med school as well as his residency where he discovered the kind of doctor he really wanted to be. “The first time I delivered a baby was such a charge. It was incredible to be part of bringing life into this world,” explained Duran when asked why he chose OBGYN. With the choices of hospitals and practices in Chicago or Atlanta, Duran chose a more humble path in Nogales, Arizona. There had been no OBGYN in Santa Cruz County for 10 years prior to Dr. Duran, so he knew immediately that he would be able to make an impact. With the local Carondolet hospital guaranteeing Duran a good salary, Duran moved south with the support of his family and set up shop.
Dr. Duran’s current title is, and has been for nearly 27 years, Medical Director of Labor and Delivery at Holy Cross Carondolet Hospital in Nogales, Arizona. Some of his accomplishments and recognitions include the Leo B. Hart Humanitarian award, the Karl Meyer Community Service Award (an award established in honor of one of Duran’s most respected mentors), being appointed as the hospital Chief of Staff, as well as being recognized as a Fellow of the American College of OBGYN. Despite all his honors according to Dr. Duran, “The most rewarding part of what I do is delivering babies and administering to the health needs of Nogales.”

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