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IME-BECAS Scholarship Program

On Tuesday, November 29th,2016 Cochise College and the Nogales Mexican Consulate hosted the IME-BECAS Scholarship Program at 12:15 p.m. at Cochise College. The IME-BECAS scholarship program began helping out local students in Santa Cruz County since 2005. In 2011, IME-BECAS Scholarship Program partnered with Cochise College to offer scholarships to students planning on attending the college. For several years now this program continues to help out disadvantaged high school students who will be graduating, or graduated from Santa Cruz County planning to enroll at Cochise College. Many of these disadvantaged students do not qualify for financial or have the economical means to attend college. This specific scholarship program helps these local students have that opportunity.

Cochise College Center Director Gabriel Galindo, and the Mexican Consul Ricardo Santana Velasquez signed an agreement pledging to continue supporting the scholarship program. Mexican ambassador to the United States Carlos Manuel Sada Solana presented a $22,000 check to Cochise College.  Several other contributions were made from local organization including a $10,000 dollar donation from the Shipley Family Foundation. “The best return on investment one can make to society is investing in education,” said Gabriel Galindo, Center Director for Cochise College. This year the recipient of the IME-BECAS scholarship is Yemille Fernanda Quihuiz. She will be graduating in May 2017. She is planning to pursue a degree in education at the University of Arizona. “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity, as it will help me and other students to pursue our educational goals,” said Quihuiz.


Recipient of the IME-BECAS scholarship Yemille Fernanda Quihuiz

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