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Mayor’s Corner-December Echoes

December is the month of celebrating, joy, gifts, family gatherings, food, and candy.  I would like to extend warm greetings on behalf of the City Council and myself… my first year as Mayor has been productive and has definitely been successful.  I can honestly say that there has been a lot of activity happenings from paving and maintaining our streets to improving the services we provide to our citizens.  I appreciate our resident’s support and patience as we navigate through many ongoing projects. Again, it is truly an honor to serve you and to continually improve our economy and partnership with the community.  

Events and Happenings at City Hall:

  1.  The Domestic Abuse Peace Walk and Candlelight vigil took place on October 7.  The event was a success honoring in memory the loved ones taken by DOMESTIC ABUSE and honor the survivors and their families.
  2. The Fiestas de Los Muertos took place on October, Saturday 26 at Karam Park.  I personally want to thank the City of Nogales personnel for setting up and ensuring the arrangements were made prior and after the event.  There were many people in attendance and the entertainment was a success.  
  3. The 3rd Annual Down Syndrome Walk took place on October 27 at Teyechea Park.  Thank you to all the organizers and community for attending this successful event! 
  4. The Veterans Day Ceremony and Parade took place on Monday, November 11.  It was a success thanks to the many community members who attended to honor our Veterans and their families.  
  5. Attended the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail Ribbon Cutting event on Friday, November 1 at Karam Park.  The event took years of hard work and commitment and partners. The Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail connects history, culture and outdoor recreation across 20 counties of Arizona and California.  

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