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Mayor’s Corner-May Echoes

Greetings to Everyone!

Over the past month, many things have been happening in our beautiful Nogales!

  1. Hands-Free Ordinance/Law-

We are pleased to announce the Hand-Free Ordinance was passed on Wednesday, April 3 by Mayor and Council.    Motorists traveling on Nogales roads will soon only be using hands-free devices. Under this ordinance, law enforcement officers are allowed to pull over a motorist as long as the officer has “reasonable cause” to believe the motorist is using a portable electronic device without a hands-free device.

Motorists who violate this ordinance can receive a civil penalty of $50 for the first violation, $100 for the second violation and $200 for subsequent violations. If a violator is involved in a collision, the minimum penalty is $250.  After this ordinance was passed, Nogales became the 27th jurisdiction to pass either a hands-free or texting ban for motorists.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, “In 2016, 962 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes, 65 more than the year before, representing a 7.3 % increase. In 2017, The number of collisions also went up, rising 8.6 % to 126,845.  The increase in motor vehicle crashes and fatalities in Arizona follow national trends. That is one person killed in a motor vehicle crash every 9.11 hours. On April 22, Governor Doug Ducey signed H.B. 2318 into law. It makes using a mobile device while driving a primary offense.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office or NPD at 520.287.6571

2. A visit to the Santa Cruz Training Program:

I was invited to Gabriel’s birthday celebration at the Santa Cruz Training Program.  It was a pleasure to join in and celebrate with the most exciting group of lovely people.  They danced their hearts out and brought many smiles to our faces! A big thank you to the most caring and dedicated staff!  The Santa Cruz Training Program provides services to children and adults with disabilities through activities and job training opportunities.  The SCTP was founded in 1968 by Anna Maria Coppola, Emilia Alcantar, Carmelita Lineiro, & Frances Sainz.  

3. Nogales Bicycle Classic:

More than 200 cyclists of all ages participated in the Nogales Bicycle Classic on Saturday, racing around Santa Cruz County on routes of five different lengths while competing for awards in road mountain bike categories. The annual event raises money for Circles of Peace, a nonprofit restorative justice program based in Santa Cruz County.

My wife, Cathy, and I attended the Nogales Bicycle Classic that takes place in beautiful Southern Arizona on a scenic point-to-point route, in the peak of Spring. This safe and well- organized event starts in historic Nogales and takes you through Rio Rico, and scenic Patagonia. 

More than 200 cyclists of all ages participated in the Nogales Bicycle Classic on Saturday, March 23, racing around Santa Cruz County. The annual event raises money for Circles of Peace, a nonprofit restorative justice program based in Santa Cruz County that was founded by Judge Mary Halen Maley.  

A big shout to the members of the Circles of Peace; They did an outstanding job in organizing this event again for our community!  

4. The Southern Arizona Autism: Presenting a Proclamation making April Autism Awareness Month

I would like to thank the Southern Arizona Autism Association for presenting me with the “Radiating Blue Award”.  This award is for bringing awareness, inclusion, and support to the autism community.  On behalf of the city of Nogales, a thank you to Michelle Jacquez and her staff for all their hard work and dedication to the Autism Community!
5. Down Syndrome Proclamation Day:

On Thursday, March 21, I signed a Proclamation for World Down Syndrome Day.  We hosted a ceremony at City Hall and presented a Proclamation to the children and parents.    A Thank You to all who came out and to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!
6. A visit from the California Motorcycle Riders:

I welcomed the Motorcycle clubs from the West Coast that were passing by Nogales on their way to Mazatlan as part of the 6th Annual Ride of Your Life Rally.  

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