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Mayor’s Corner-March Echoes

The City Council, city employees and Mayor Garino have been busy this past month with many public projects and issues, including:

·       Water and sewer improvements

·       Street paving and maintenance tasks

·       Approving Police Body Camera’s

·       Unanimously approving a Resolution condemning the use of concertina wire on the U.S./ Mexico wall

·       Signing of the 8th Annual Sisterhood Agreement with Mexico

Mayor Garino has repeatedly mentioned in recent interviews that the Wall has been there for many years, however, the concertina razor wire that has been recently installed by Border Patrol is in the immediate proximity of the residents, children, pets, law enforcement and first responders.  “I am first and foremost concerned for the safety of all our citizens. From the calls, texts and emails received people in our community are concerned about the safety and the negative image the concertina wire gives to our city.  Our citizens feel that they live in a safe place where they are proud to raise their children and attend school. It’s also important for entrepreneurs to want to set up shop and future developers want to build and make our city their permanent home,” said Mayor Arturo Garino.   

On Saturday, February 2, Mayor Garino and Council Members Nubar Hanessian, Marcelino Varona, Jorge Maldonado City Manager, Dr. Frank Felix and John Kissinger Deputy City Manager, attended the 81st Tohono O’odham Nation Rodeo and Fair in Sells, AZ. For our citizens, we are working to ensure that Nogales continues to progress.

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