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Mayor’s Corner- February Echoes

“I am proud and honored to serve again as the mayor of Nogales, Arizona,” said Mayor Garino.  Into the first month on the job, the Mayor’s Office has been busy providing information to members of the public. The Mayor’s Office has been working to address the public’s concerns regarding City government and municipal services.  The city administration and city council are working collaboratively to help bring significant changes that are needed, while establishing an open-door policy to provide the citizens of Nogales a more transparent government.

 Mayor Garino is committed to the City of Nogales. He wants to help our city navigate through a period of change by working towards the challenges of border security, economic development while providing its citizens with a safe and vibrant community at the forefront.  After all, “It’s your Nogales!”

On Wednesday, January 23rd in Tucson, Arizona Mayor Garino was invited to be a guest speaker at the Arizona Association for Economic Development (AAED). An economic forum for Mayors in Southern Arizona. Each of the Mayor’s discussed and shared their perspective on  economic opportunities, challenges and trends each community is currently facing. Attendees had an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback to each mayor.

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