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Decision 2016- Meet the candidates

The elections are just around the corner. Here at Border Eco we want to ensure the public stays informed on the candidates. Our goal is simply to inform. We are a media outlet who takes pride in keeping the public informed. Make your voice be heard! Make it a point to vote, it is your civic duty!


Current Open Offices-up for vote

The county government has three supervisor spots are up for election this year. Those are currently being held by Manuel Ruiz (District 1), Rudy Molera (District 2) and John Maynard (District 3).

The current spots for supervisors have become extremely competitive as many supervisor hopefuls those include: Gaston Bachelier (Democrat)in District 1, Ruth Anne Matheson (Republican) in District 2 ,Bruce Bracker (Democrat), Dean Davis (Independent), Alex Guzman (Democrat), Andrew Ibarra (Democrat), Jewel Ann Livers (Democrat), Charlie Montoya (Independent), Jose “Mucho” Martinez (Republican) in District 3.

Seeking re-election are assessor (Felipe Fuentes incumbent), attorney (George Silva incumbent), recorder (Suzanne Sainz incumbent), school superintendent (Alfredo Velazquez incumbent), sheriff (Antonio Estrada incumbent) and treasurer (Elizabeth Gutfahr incumbent). Anna Montoya Paez (Superior Court Judge) is also seeking re-election this year.

The primary and general election will take place for all county government, and court elections. This year the county’s six school districts and four fire districts have seats up for vote in 2016.

Three seats on the Nogales City Council are up for election this year. Those seats are currently held by Joe Acosta, Esther Melendez-Lopez and Cesar Parada. Those seats are being contested by 5 candidates: Marcelino Varona Jr., Linda Rushton, Nubar Hanessian, Jorge Maldonado, and Jesus Henry Olguin.

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