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Garino delivers passionate City Address


City of Nogales Mayor, Arturo R. Garino, delivered his annual State of the City Address on March 20, 2013 at the local recreational center. The year’s passionate speech highlighted many of the city’s previous achievements and also included current and future goals and projects for years to come. Many local community leaders and local citizens were in attendance to witness the occasion.

The event commenced with local talent Bridget Murrieta’s beautiful rendition of the National Anthem and was followed by a prestigious introduction for the local mayor, who was greeted by a standing ovation. Garino went through each department citing past accomplishments, current projects and future plans thanking its staff for their well-deserved efforts.

Garino also highlighted the filming of “The Hangover III,” the opening of the Hohokom Soccer Field and the possible minor league baseball team. Garino continued with his commitment to infrastructure citing the many city streets that are being repaved and that a large majority of the city’s streetlights have been turned on.

He lauded his support for Nogales, Sonora, Mexico and thanked its Mayor Ramon Guzman who was in attendance. Garino also spoke about his commitment to the local economy and its businesses local or international. Garino also spoke about his commitment to education and urged the community to take responsibility and come together in order to produce successful results for residents from birth to the elderly.

The mayor concluded his speech with his plans for the future and his commitment to the city and its residents. “The buck stops here with me, I am ultimately responsible for the city’s failures or successes,” said Garino. “Look around to the council, our departments and our staff, this is a government you can trust,” concluded Garino.
The event ended with lunch provided by to all guests on hand for the address.

For more information please visit 777 N. Grand Avenue Nogales AZ., call (520) 287-6571 or visit online at

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