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New Vice-Mayor Nubar Hanessian

Nogales, AZ — Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino and the Nogales City Council elected Councilman Nubar Hanessian to serve as Vice-Mayor during the city council meeting held January 9, 2013, at the Nogales City Hall.
After former Vice Mayor Olga Valdez’ term on the City Council ended in December, the selection of a new Vice-Mayor was naturally included as part of the agenda at Tuesday’s meeting. During the meeting, Mayor Arturo Garino made a motion to appoint Councilman Hanessian to serve in the capacity, stating that Mr. Hanessian is the senior councilmember and has many years of experience.
The motion passed by a 4-2 vote. Mayor Garino, newly-elected Councilman Joe Acosta, Councilwoman Esther Melendez-Lopez, and Councilman Nubar Hanessian all voted in favor, while Councilmen Cesar Parada and Joe Diaz voted against the motion.
“I look forward to working with Vice-Mayor Hanessian to improve the city’s image and to help Nogales move forward for the next two years.” said Mayor Garino. “I also look forward to working with newly elected Councilman Joe Acosta, who sat beside me and supported the motion during his first City Council meeting.”
“I intend to be a very active Vice-Mayor by trying to secure a brighter future for the City of Nogales.” said Vice-Mayor Hanessian. He also expressed his gratitude for those who voted for him and expressed his gratitude to the residents of the City of Nogales for the many years they have backed him.
The City Council also approved moving forward with a special election on May 21, 2013 to fill the recently vacated City Council seat by the passing of former Councilman Ramon Felix. The election will be contracted with Santa Cruz County.
“Although one seat of the City council won’t be filled until May, our city government is still working together for the City of Nogales its residents,” said Mayor Garino.
A special election will cost the city anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000. In order to be budget friendly, Mayor Garino made a motion to have $3,000 come out of his and every Councilmember’s travel budget to help pay for the majority cost of the election.
“We brought this upon ourselves,” said Mayor Garino, “so we must bear the majority of the expense, and we should each contribute from our budgets for the special election.” Vice-Mayor Hanessian agreed with 2 the Mayor and said that having the money for the election come out of their budgets was the right thing to do. The motion was approved unanimously by the City Council.
The City Council also voted to allocate funding towards the construction of a new City Hall fountain and park area and an expansion on the Meadow Hills Park. Both projects are expected to begin soon.
Questions or inquiries may be directed to the Mayor’s Executive Assistant, Diana Cruz, at 520-285-5602

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