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Read Across Santa Cruz County

Once again, the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office and School Superintendent Alfredo I. Velasquez, celebrated, along with 35 Preschools, Private Schools, Charter Schools and Public Elementary Schools within our county, National Read across America/Read on Santa Cruz County Week.

With the coordination of Ms. Patricia Barraza-Preciado (Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office,) they had over 130 volunteers from all across Santa Cruz County, read to each and every classroom in our educational community. On March 29th, Ms. Roni Capin-Ashford was invited to read at three county schools and a book signing event was scheduled at the Americana/Quality Inn, for the book Coco, (which were donated by Santa Cruz County School Superintendent Mr. Alfredo I. Velasquez and Santa Cruz County Attorney George Silva).

The main goal of this event is to encourage our children to read and to love reading at an early age. It’s one of the most important things we can do as parents and as a community. It sets the foundation for a lifetime of success.

The Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office would like to thank each and every one who volunteered a couple of hours of their busy day to participate in this wonderful event. The children of Santa Cruz County, THANK YOU as well.


 Ms. Lee Ann Richards (McDonald’s sponsor) Mr. James Quinet (McDonald’s sponsor)

Mr. George Silva (SCC Attorney) volunteer and sponsor

Santa Cruz County

Ms. Jennifer St. John (SCC Manager) Mr. Rudy Molera (SCC Supervisor) Mr. Manny Ruiz (SCC Supervisor)

Judge Emilio Velasquez (S.C.C. Justice of the Peace) Ms. Liz Gutfahr (SCC Treasurer)

Ms. Suzie Sainz (SCC Recorder)

Mr. Juan Pablo Guzman (SCC Clerk of Courts) Sheriff Tony Estrada (SCC Sheriff)

Captain Ruben Fuentes Lt. Gerry Castillo

Lt. Raoul Rodriguez

Mr. Miguel Carrillo (SCC Assessor Dept.) Ms. Maria Martinez (SCC Finance Dept.) Ms. Sonia Jones (SCC Human Resources)

Mr. Chris Young (SCC School Superintendent’s Office) Ms. Maya Donnelly (SCC School Superintendent’s Office) Ms. Terri Sprigg (SCC School Superintendent’s Office)

Mr. Dakota Beach (SCC School Superintendent’s Office) Mr. Sergio Delgado (SCC School Superintendent’s Office) Ms. Chris Bachelier (U of A Cooperative Extension)

U.S. Border Patrol Agents

Alan Regalado Frank Novotny James St-Louis Asael Blanco Raymond Bean

David Ruiz

Richard Cruz (Deputy Patrol Agent in Charge)

Michael Page (Special Operation Supervisory Border Patrol Agent) Brian Gotowka (Supervisory Border Patrol Agent)

Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District

Mr.  David Verdugo (Superintendent)

Mr. Steve Schadler (Assistant Superintendent) Ms. Maria Neuman (Board Member)

Mr. Joel Kramer (Board Member) Mr. John Hays (Board Member)

Ms. Isela Brown (Business Manager)

Nogales Unified School District Fernando Parra (Superintendent)    Angel Canto (Assistant Superintendent) Ms. Mayra Zuniga (Human Resources) Ms. Barbara Mendoza (Board Member)

City of Nogales

Mayor John Doyle (City of Nogales) Mr. Roberto Fierros (City of Nogales) Mr. Greg Lucero (City Councilman)

Mr. Marcelino Varona (City Councilman) Ms. Danitza Lopez (City Librarian)

Captain Carlos Jimenez (Nogales Police Dept.) Ms. Marcela Hammond (Nogales Fire Dept.) Ms. Michelle Zuniga

Mr.  Francisco Padilla

Nogales Woman’s Club

Ms. Marta Valenzuela Ms. Adeline Cripe

Ms. Renee Guevarra Ms. Barbara Hyde Ms. Corinne Cole

Ms. Christine Courtland Ms. Linda Rushton

Ms. Ana Salazar. Ms. Suzie Sainz

Ms. Barbara Mendoza Ms. Tinina Vazquez Ms. Norma Ahumada Ms. Bania Hecht


Nogales Rotary Club

Mr. Bobby Astengo Mr. Rudy  Pina Mr. Mike Scott Ms. Diane Scott

Mr.  Abelardo Duran

Members of the Community

Ms. Stella Perez (SCCPCC}

Rio Rico Firefighter Manriquez

Ms. Janice Johnson (Hilltop Gallery) Ms. Christie Monreal (SCCPCC}

Mr. Francisco Padilla (First Things First) Ms. Jennifer Argyros (First Things First) Ms. Beth Hopkins

Mr. Pat Maitrejean Ms. Karen Woodford Ms. Darcy Dixon









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