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Nogales Women’s March

Women’s March demonstrations took place all across America. The second annual event was packed with even more passion.Nogales held their Women’s March locally too. A group of local activists gathered for the Nogales Women’s March. The event was sponsored by on Facebook, and by Santa Cruz County Democratic Party. The Women’s March was organized by Christine Courtland.  

“Our goal was to continue the resistance movement at the one year anniversary of the National Women’s March held after the 2016 election, which threaten our American Democracy,” said Christine Courtland.

Approximately 100 participants joined the movement not only from Nogales and Rio Rico, but also from Tubac, Patagonia, Sonoita, Green Valley, Sierra Vista, and Yuma, Arizona. They had one participant who marched earlier that day in Green Valley.

After email exchanges, women, men, and family members gathered at Christine Courtland home on Noon Street at 2 pm on Saturday January 20th.

Steve Farley Gubernatorial candidate, was introduced during the gathering before the group headed down from Noon Street to Elm Street to Grand Ave, and up Crawford Street carrying signs. At the corner of West and I-19 freeway, they met with another group of local residents before heading to the American border wall side on International Street.

“We have a unique border culture. We want to make sure we involve the community on important issues that affect Ambos Nogales such as: DACA to help protect our dreamers, No More Walls/Bridges Not Walls, and advocate for immigration reform. We wanted to show unity and support towards the Me, Too women’s rights movement,” said Christine Courtland.

For information on how to get involved or support the Nogales Women’s March please contact: Christine Courtland, 344 W Noon St., Nogales, AZ 85621; 520-313-7922;

“We are always in need of volunteers to help us register voters for the important upcoming 2018 mid-term elections,” said Courtland.

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