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Calabasas School Kicks Off Governor’s Office Healthy Families/Healthy Youth Pilot Program

Calabasas School is embarking on a new project this year! It is being sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Youth Faith and Family in conjunction with the Office of the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent, Alfredo I. Velásquez. The goal of the program is to prevent drug abuse and addiction through education and training. Both Calabasas School and county staff received training on the new program which consists of separate parent and youth sessions plus joint sessions where families are encouraged to develop family plans. Ultimately, families open up lines of communication in hopes that such discussion leads to substantive dialogue regarding drug and alcohol use.

All seventh graders are invited to participate along with a parent(s) and/or guardian. The first event took place on Wednesday, September 14, 2016. Through assemblies and repeated invitations, parents were encouraged to sign-up and attend. The first night proved to be very successful, with parents and youth receiving dinner, a t-shirt, and a $15.00 Walmart gift card for their participation. A second event is planned for September 28, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. Calabasas School faculty and staff hope that parents who were unable to attend the first event will attend this second and last event.

Mr. John Fanning and his staff are doing an outstanding job with the project! Diane Chamberlain is the project director at the school. Clarissa Fuentes and Claudia Tolano are the lead facilitators for adults and offer their session in both English and Spanish, while Amanda Maken and Tiffany Brookman lead the youth session.

This is an incredible opportunity for Calabasas seventh graders and their parents! Calabasas School is the only school in the county implementing the pilot program.  Every county in the state has chosen one school to participate. Ms. Deborrah Miller, from the Governor’s Office, attended the first event, presenting Mr. Fanning and Mr. Velásquez with special letters from Governor Doug Ducey thanking them for their enthusiastic effort and participation in the project.

Parents of Calabasas Seventh graders can obtain further information by contacting Diane Chamberlain at Calabasas school or Teresa Sprigg, Program Director at the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office at 375-7952.

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