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Nogales High School Graduation 2016

Stepping onto the Nogales High School Stadium on May 20, 2016, was an exhilarating feeling. The energy of the people was present and it was well felt. The parents and countless family members that were there in support, along with the school staff, district members, photographers, journalists, and law enforcement/security personnel all exuberated a sense of pride when it came to be there for the young adults or soon to be adult graduates. As I approached the gate to step onto the field, so that I may get a closer look for a possible good photograph while writing down a few good key words the speakers said throughout the celebration, I became one with the unity of the beautiful class of 2016.
The district members along with the principal and assistant principal of NHS gave their usual speeches that I remember from my graduation 5 years ago, but it was the class president that added the flavor to the already bland lines the leaders spoke into the microphone. The sweet face of America Camille McDaniel, took the stage and delivered a pleasant tone of voice, which had a hidden essence of melancholy for the obvious reason that this was the night she would lose many of her relations she established with her fellow peers.
That is what made the night sing.

As she spoke of the memories that they all shared throughout their high school career, she opened the hearts for all the mixed emotions to flow in through each individual. Lady McDaniel reminded that if even those memories will become faded in time as they embrace the true chapter of their adult lives, they will resonate deep within and become some of the strongest pillars in life that will support them in their many endeavors of reality. Her voice sang with pure highs and earthy mid tones, as the senses of every graduate became fixated on her heart felt speech. Lady McDaniel also reminded that the light should never be left in darkness for even the smallest light could shine through the deepest darkness. These lines from such youth are what outshined even the highest leader that spoke on this marvelous night of great sadness and sheer happiness. Along with my note taking and a few good photos, the night could never be compared as if you were in person witnessing history being made at our very own Nogales High School Apache Stadium.
When the night grew older and the many graduates have finally received their diplomas and awards, the concluding words from the principal open the skies to a yellow and white cloud of confetti that rained over the graduates, and other bystanders.

With such color and joyous cries the young ladies and gentlemen the night erupted with cries of pain and pride for the youth has in a sense ended and the maturity has began. With a knot in my throat my eyes raked the sea of students enshrouded by the sea of paper flakes and it was an exhilarating moment to be there standing a mere few yards away. The music that echoed throughout the stadium became a perfect accompaniment to the voices of many. This will be a night that will remain deeply embedded in the minds and hearts of everyone that was present during the unforgettable accomplishment the Nogales High School Graduating Class of 2016. May destiny take them towards great heights and never let them plunder without a helping hand waiting to bring them back into the light.
Written By: Daniel Grambs Jr.

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