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Spelling Bee 2019

The Santa Cruz County Superintendent’s Office hosted the 2019 Spelling Bee. The event was held on Friday, February 8, 2019. The event coordinators: Marisol Chiquete-Bolaina, Julie A. Ulrich,and Adrian Chamberlain. It was held at the Santa Cruz County Complex. The entrance of the courtroom had a large decorative bouquet of yellow and black balloons with styrofoam bees. The inside of the courtroom was beautifully decorated with big colorful paper flowers and paper bees. The Spelling Bee began with a pledge of allegiance followed with a warm welcome by the Santa Cruz County Superintendent  Alfredo I. Velasquez and Chris A.Young Chief Deputy. The event was well attended by students, parents, teachers, and judges who enjoyed a fun-filled day of suspense, and surprises. Larry Frederick from Lincoln Elementary School was the pronouncer of the Spelling Bee. The Spelling Bee had 4 judges those included: Santa Cruz County Manager Jennifer St. John, Santa Cruz County Attorney George Silva, Treasurer Elizabeth Gutfahr, and Jovanna Lopez a State Farm Insurance Agent. The Spelling Bee had approximately 29 students participate in the Spelling Bee.  This year’s 2019 Santa Cruz County Spelling Bee Champion was 5th grader Daniel Woodburn from Fco. Vasquez de Coronado Elementary School.  The runner-up was 7th grader Celeste Larson from Little Red School.

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