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Empowering Our Schools

The Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office is the fiscal agent for five of the six school districts in our county. They are responsible for School District Governing Board elections and homeschool students. Along with those statuary responsibilities, the superintendent’s office operates five different federal and state grants, champion early childhood education, and operate a school safety program. They serve the entire educational community in Santa Cruz County.
The Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office has 10 staff members. The organization is unique as they are able to work with all districts and all community members in the county. They are able to connect partners from early childhood to post-secondary. They are one of the few organizations who have the ability to bring everyone in the county to come together. Alfredo I. Velásquez School Superintendent is a well-respected teacher who has been serving as the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent since 2015. He had been teaching for more than 20 years at Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Elementary School where he taught first and second grades.

“We measure success by the impact that we have on education in Santa Cruz County. We work to maximize learning opportunities for all children and adults in our county.  Our performance measures range from individual test scores, kindergarten to post-secondary enrollment, and the number of teachers enrolled in our professional development courses all the way to how many students submit artwork in the Santa Cruz County Fair,” said Alfredo I. Velásquez School Superintendent.

Alfredo I. Velásquez School, Superintendent

Chris Young Chief Deputy

“It has been a wonderful experience working at the SCCSSO. I am fortunate to work with great people that have enabled our office to improve our service to our districts and provide more activities for our community. I feel like we have been able to have an impact in our community,” said Chris Young Chief Deputy.

Patricia Barraza-Preciado Accounting Specialist & Special Events Coordinator

“I completely enjoy the fact that I’m not sitting in front of a desk all day, I love that I’m able to get out and about in the community and interact with students. I look forward to being with the students and community leaders when I start planning for the Read Across America Week in which I have 120 community volunteers going out and reading to each and every elementary classroom in the county,” said Patricia Barraza.

Danna Gallardo Education Director/Teacher Ray of Light Academy

“Seeing students begin to realize that they are truly worthy of good things, understanding that treating others with respect makes them a better person, watching them learn and achieve whether it be in math, science, art, reading, writing or in caring for others. Looking into their eyes when they receive a certificate of appreciation or accomplishment is life-changing,” said Dana Gallardo.

Teresa Sprigg- Program Director Healthy Student Grant

“I am able to be out in the community and in the schools in a very different and exciting capacity. I mostly enjoy the challenge of planning and implementing new programs and events. It is exciting to bring the community together in support of our schools. I particularly love the teamwork in our office. We all work as a team, and we have fun doing it,” said Teresa Sprigg.

Marisol Chiquete-Bolaina Bookkeeper

“This organization has changed my life in a way that I am more involved with the community and the schools. I enjoy my job because we all share the same vision. We are dedicated to our schools and community, said Marisol Chiquete.

Maya Donnelly CREO Program Director

“I enjoy working with my team at the SCCSSO the most because together we make a difference whether it is planning an event, or designing a program to be implemented in schools. When you see the happiness on the faces of students and their families because they are proud, we know we have done our job,” said Maya Donnelly.

Sergio Delgado Office Clerk

“I believe my life has changed ever since I started working here. I have met a lot of people and made a lifetime of friends. The thing that I enjoy most about my job is that I get to help out and be apart of various events and programs our office hosts in our community. I also enjoy being able to work alongside my coworkers who I am very grateful to have,” said Sergio Delgado.

Adrian Chamberlain-Secretary

“Working in this office for Mr. Velasquez has changed my life by giving me endless opportunities by improving my working skills as well as helping and meeting members of our community. The thing I enjoy most about our office is the environment, it is a very friendly and productive workplace,” said Adrian Chamberlain.

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