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Educational Summer Camps 2018

Pharmcamp 2018

U of A Pharmcamp took place this summer from June 18-22nd.  This week-long University of Arizona camp was attended by middle school students across the county and was sponsored by Alfredo I. Velásquez, Santa Cruz County School Superintendent.  The camp was led by Professor Theodore Wong. Several local high school students volunteered to be camp counselors. The goal of the camp is to create career awareness so that students may begin to think of future careers as nurses, doctors and pharmacists.  Dr. Tong uses a wide variety of strategies within his lessons. Many of the activities involved hands-on learning experiments in the science labs. The students also took field trips to Mariposa Pharmacy and Holy Cross Hospital. We wish to thank the Santa Cruz Center, Ms. Stella Perez and her staff for hosting all of our summer camps this year.

Young Leaders Rise Camp 2018

The Young Leaders Rise camp took place from June 25-29th.  The camp was organized and directed by Ms. Lidielisa Esquivel who obtained a grant from the Arizona Area Health Education Centers.  The camp was attended by high schools students across the county and was sponsored by Alfredo I. Velásquez, Santa Cruz County School Superintendent.  Using seven volunteer seminar leaders, the group organized a week-long camp with various break-out sessions, seminars, career orientation advisors, and many other fun activities, including a field trip to Madera Canyon.  Students were made aware of the various health-related career opportunities and received guidance for college preparation along with an SAT study guide. We wish to thank the Santa Cruz Center, Ms. Lidielisa Esquivel and the seminar leaders- El’gin Avila, Rover Gorman, Taylor Ellsworth, Priscilla Valenzuela, Shauna Rocha, Sabrina Nguyen and Fernanda Egurrola.

Robotics Camp 2018

The Summer Robotics Camp was extremely popular with 3rd through5th-gradee students this summer!    Taking place from July 16th – 27th, an additional week was added with two extra sessions due to the high number of applications submitted.  The week-long camps had students building robots on the first day. As the week progressed, the projects got more intricate and increased in their degree of difficulty.  Students used critical thinking, problem-solving and logic to build each of their structures. However, the most important lessons learned came from working cooperatively in groups and teams in order to accomplish their goals.  Instructors Brenda and Carlos Valdez from Zigma Consulting held closing ceremonies on the last day of each of the sessions. Parents were invitied to attend as students showcased their robots and competed against other teams. Mr. Alfredo I. Velásquez, Santa Cruz County School Superintendent, sponsored the two weeks of camps and gave every student a robot to take home!  

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