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CREO Math Instructors Earn Yellow Belt in Six Sigma

Earning a belt in Six Sigma is no easy feat. Especially for busy teachers who have a lot on their plate at the end of the school year. Lean Six Sigma is a methodology in process improvement. Much like martial arts, colored belts are earned by completing projects to solve workplace problems that are creating waste. CREO Math instructors continue to further their training in order to enhance the learning environment for their students. Eight teachers from SCVUSD #35 and NUSD #1, and CREO Program Director, Maya Donnelly participated in a 50-hour instructor’s training, plus an additional 18 hours in coaching to add a Yellow Belt certification to their resume. This group of dedicated educators has already completed the training in the MetroMatematicas curriculum and the White Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma.

The continued professional development is in response to the enhancement of the CREO/Youth Career Connect Program which now features the MetroMatematicas curriculum and Lean Six Sigma Practicum offered as a course elective at Rio Rico High School and Nogales High School. Freshmen and sophomores can choose the two-year program as a pathway into a related JTED or CTE Program. As the YCC Grant funded by the U.S. Department of Labor comes to a close after four years, the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office, as a sub-recipient through Pima County, was granted a no-cost extension in the coming year to focus on developing an internship program. This will provide a work experience where CREO/YCC students can learn about business, industry, and employers, and put their Six Sigma training into action by solving a real workplace problem.

Photo left to right: Mike Hughes, Grant Consultant, Alfredo I. Velásquez, Santa Cruz County School Superintendent, Nagesh Kumar, Maya Donnelly, Tom Maddock, Santosh Kumar, Prashant Verma, Carlos Valdes, Zigma Consulting, Sumalatha Udumula, Chris Young, Chief Deputy, Savita Naranj, and Chaitanya Mekala

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