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Meet and Greet 2017

Three agencies collaborated for the second time this year to host a Meet and Greet Event on November 1, 2017.  Adolescent Wellness Network, the Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT) and the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office joined forces to plan the event.  Attendees included school staff and personnel from all districts in the county, along with twenty-five community outreach agencies.

The event included an introduction and video sponsored by the CCRT’s co-chairman, Tom Mcalpin, outlining statistics and prevalence of domestic violence in the county.  Martin Felix, from Wellness Connections, was the guest speaker.  He spoke to the group about his struggles with addiction, his recovery process, and his mission to now give back to our community.  San Cayetano’s principal, Mrs. Mimi Renteria and her parent liaison, Roxanna Leyva, also addressed the group describing the support and help that they have been able to provide parents at their school using outside resources.

The latter portion of the event gave schools and agencies the opportunity to meet with each other and make those crucial connections that can benefit parents and students.  Mr. Alfredo I. Velásquez closed up the meeting by thanking all of the participants for their dedication and service to the community.  

The event was planned and sponsored by Mr. Tom Mcalpin, Mrs. Sonia Sánchez (CCRT co-chair), Mrs. Chris Bachelier (Adolescent Wellness Network), and Ms. Teresa Sprigg (Healthy Student Grant Coordinator).  If you would like more information regarding this event, please contact Teresa Sprigg at (520) 375-7952 or via email:

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