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MMSAP Training in Santa Cruz County

The Arizona Masonic Foundation for Children and the Santa Cruz County Superintendent’s Office joined forces to bring MMSAP Training to Santa Cruz County, as part of the Healthy Student Grant. Approximately 55 participants attended the 3-day training session held on August 29, 30, and 31. Participants included teachers, administrators, school staff, and community outreach agencies.

MMSAP (Masonic Model Student Assistance Program) is a school-based intervention program that certifies educators through training, allowing them to recognize, intervene and redirect K-12 students at risk. Throughout the three days, participants were involved in meaningful activities with core groups or teams. Together, they were able to develop strategic school-based action plans to assist with identification, intervention, and monitoring of students. This is done in an effort to improve their academic performance as well as their quality of life, ultimately leading to productive, useful and healthy lives.

The two instructors for the model were Joe Brancoccio and Larry Newman. Mr. Newman is one of the original writers and developers of the program. Since 1984, he has trained educators in 26 states and portions of Canada. He added that “the program is continuously being modified based on current research and best practices.” This was evidenced by the various activities and presentation modalities all leading to high engagement and participation from all attendees.

Mr. Jerry Badinger, President of the Arizona Masonic Foundation, makes it his mission to offer these training opportunities throughout the state. He actively recruits, participates and plans these events. Volunteers assist in providing all materials, meals, and snacks. For the Santa Cruz County training, Roger Cousineau and Dave Promenschenkel were on hand to assist the instructors and participants.

On the last day of the training, Santa Cruz County School Superintendent, Alfredo I. Velásquez presented certificates. Gift baskets were presented to Mr. Badinger, the two instructors, and volunteers in appreciation for all their help in bringing this training to the county.

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