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San Cayetano Elementary Hosts 2017 NEHS Induction of New Members

Last night, San Cayetano Elementary inducted 12 new members into the National Elementary Honor Society and welcomed back 11 from last year. “Membership in the San Cayetano Elementary chapter of the National Honor Society has been earned by candidates through the effective demonstration of the four qualities that serve as standards for the Society,” said Miranda Valencia, San Cayetano NEHS Advisor. “The qualities include: scholarship, character, leadership and service.” At the event, guests were welcomed by Mimi Renteria, San Cayetano Principal.

The evening began with the presentation of Colors by the RRHS JROTC, followed by the induction ceremony led by Valencia. Guest speaker was Dean Davis, SCVUSD Foundation Board Member. “Congratulations to the students for working hard to achieve this triumph, and to their parents
for the unconditional encouragement and support that helped them to this point,” said Superintendent David Verdugo. “And thank you to their teachers for guiding their academic development to these tremendous new heights.”

Oscar Alvarez (Olivias, 5th, New)
Johana Holman (Olivias, 5th, New)
Samantha Villanes (Olivias, 5th, Returning) Nataleah Munoz (Olivias, 5th, Returning)
Yael Franco (Herrera, 5th, Returning)
Tiffany Lopez (Herrera, 5th, Returning)
Kayla Riesgo (Herrera, 5th, Returning)
Valeria Aguirre (Galasso, 5th, Returning)
Gabriel Orrantia (Galasso, 5th, Returning)
Zeni Bretz (Galasso, 5th, Returning)

Nicole Bermudez (Galasso, 5th, New)
Mia Gomez (Connick, 5th, Returning)
Gabriel Ledesma (Connick, 5th, Returning)
Mia Moreno (Olivias, 5th, Returning)
Leah Hertherington (Connick, 5th, New)
Edric Herrera (Connick, 5th, New)
Carla Lopez (Herrera, 5th, New)
Elizabeth Valencia (Herrera, 5th, New)
Penelope J. Johnson (Crowlie, 4th, New)
Yehelena Sofia Rodriguez (Roth, 4th, New) Victoria Velasco (Roth, 4th, New)
Luna Yoder (Simmons, 4th, New)
Mirella Diaz Vega (Simmons, 4th, New) – Not present

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