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Little Red School Introduces New Technology

Little Red School is the first is the State of Arizona to introduce a new technology to its school to help students learn. Little Red School Superintendent Kathy Romero from Santa Cruz Elementary District #28 was the one who spearheaded this initiative. “Students will love this new technology. It is fun and intuitive students will want to use technology to learn,” said Superintendent Kathy Romero from Santa Cruz Elementary District #28.

Z-space introduces virtual technology focused on expanding students  knowledge on science, math, art, biology, chemistry, earth science, and much more. Z-Space introduced its new 3D technology to school principals from Santa Cruz County at their monthly meeting with the Santa Cruz County Superintendent Alfredo Vasquez at the Santa Cruz County Complex.

Z-Space rolled in their mobile unit equipped with the latest state of the art 3D technology to introduce this technology to all school principals across Santa Cruz County. This new technology is becoming a new method for teaching students STEAM education. This new technology transform the regular classroom environment into a virtual learning experience for all students. “The technology is not limited to only elementary schools but to middle, high school, and college campuses too, said, Thessa Monaco,Z-Space Sale Director.

Z-space introduced this new technology to educators to see how students are able to use this technology. This new technology is the  ultimate virtual reality learning experience for students. According to Z-space this technology improves student outcomes and increases student engagement.  Z-space goal is to engage students in their learning and encourage student collaboration.

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