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Pierson Vocational High School 2016

Tuesday, May 17th Pierson Vocational High School held its commencement graduation at the school gymnasium for the “Class of 2016.”  The ceremony opened with graduates walking into the beautifully decorated white and blue gymnasium. One by one the graduates entered the gymnasium wearing their white & blue cap and gowns. The ceremony later followed with the salutation of the flag, following the national anthem by Whitney Houston’s live performance track back from the super bowl. Family and friends sat in the bleachers, while school faculty sat across the graduates providing their support while at the same time celebrating their accomplishments. Those in attendance demonstrated their enthusiasm with cheers, and shouts outs to the graduates. Graduates faces were filled with great pride they are finally closing one chapter of their lives while opening another. Once the student address came to a closing it was now time to name each graduate up to the podium to receive diploma. Towards the closing the master of ceremony presented the “Class of 2016.”

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