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People that “echo”-Sandra Davila

This month’s people that echo features Sandra Davila. Mrs. Davila recently started working as the C-CREO Hub Liaison. The C-CREO Hub is a college access and career readiness center located in the Santa Cruz Center. The C-CREO Hub recently held its grand opening to the public on Thursday, August 29th. 

“For months, under the direction of Maya Donnelly C-CREO Director, we have worked diligently to cover all details in creating an inviting center that provides career and college readiness to Santa Cruz County.  The project took months but the results are a modern and interactive center that assists many with post-secondary educational plans. We also have formed partnerships that support our services and are excited about future accomplishments,” said Mrs. Davila.

Mrs. Davila was born in Nogales, Sonora. She resided in 7 different cities throughout Mexico before immigrating to Nogales, Arizona, at the age of 16. She has been an Arizona resident ever since. She is married to Lic. Octavio E. Moraga, a Cowboy from Magdalena de Kino. She is raising a gorgeous 17-year-old daughter, who will be graduating from Nogales High School in the Spring of 2020. Her daughter is planning on attending ASU to become a Sundevil despite her mother’s pleas to attend the University of Arizona to become a Wildcat.

Sandra has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology from The University of Arizona. She has extensive experience working in various industries. Her credentials have given her the tools to help understand some of the challenges youth will encounter in the workforce. 

“The job market is very competitive. It is important for our youth to be prepared. I have been a mentor to many kids. Teaching has been one of the most rewarding jobs.  I worked for 12 years with NUSD in several different teaching positions, this allowed me the opportunity to connect with kids of all grade levels, and to work with the finest teachers and administrators in our community.  In addition to my teaching experience working with youth, I have attained professional certifications with College Access. This has prepared me to effectively be able to help anyone seeking assistance in career exploration, training and education,” said Sandra Davila, C-CREO Hub Liaison. 

“I am grateful to Alfredo I. Velásquez, Santa Cruz County School Superintendent, and Maya Donnelly, Gear Up Director who gave me the opportunity to work in this position. They believed in my experience and felt my personality was a match for this job. I am thankful to them for this opportunity. I would also like to thank Terry Sprigg, Success Coach, Manuel Flores, ACA Consultants, Octavio E Moraga, my husband, Rachelle Davila, my daughter, and everyone else that directly or indirectly contributed to the opening of the C-CREO Hub,” said Davila.

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