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C-CREO Hub Grand Opening

On Thursday, August 29th the C-CREO Hub opened its doors to the public. C-CREO Hub is part of the C-CREO umbrella of educational services being provided by the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent, Alfredo I. Velásquez. 

 C-CREO Hub is a postsecondary education center created to assist Santa Cruz County with college and career readiness.  All services are free of charge.  C-CREO Hub professional staff is bilingual and ready to address questions to help youth find their career path.  The hub offers an array of services such as career and college exploration. Youth are able to get help with college admissions, filling out financial aid applications, help with searching for scholarships, internships, and help with the skills needed for them to succeed in the workforce. 

This project is part of the Gear Up Grant. The Gear Up Grant is a federally funded program. The Office of the  Santa Cruz County School Superintendent in 2018 received 4.2 million dollars to provide support services to the class of 2024. The goal is to help increase the number of low-income 8th-grade students to be prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education after graduating from high school.   The 8th-grade cohort has 830 students throughout Santa Cruz County. The C-CREO Hub is part of this grant. It will provide services to these students and to the public.

“Many of us can relate to students in our schools that have no clue as to what they want to do in their future, and even when they know, the system can be complicated.  Having the support and guidance to navigate the options and opportunities is always a plus. Our kids and their parents have the C-CREO Hub to rely on for support. This community is behind this movement and support the services we provide at the C-CREO Hub. Counselors at our schools do an amazing job preparing kids, we want them to know that we are here to support their efforts, said Sandra Davila C-CREO Hub liaison.  

The C-CREO Hub is an essential element of the Gear Up Program.  Maya Donnelly is the Director of Gear Up. There are four success coaches located throughout the county in middle schools.  Rene Grijalva works with Wade Carpenter Middle School, Henry Holguin works with Desert Shadows Middle School, Lizzette Monge works with Calabasas and Coatimundi Middle Schools, Terri Spriggs works with Mexicayotl Academy, Little Red School, Patagonia Middle School, Elgin Middle School, Lourdes Academy, and Sacred Heart Academy.  In addition, to our success coaches, we have Melissa Corella, our administrative assistant, who provides direct support.  

“The C-CREO Hub Liaison is responsible for all activities at the center, but there will be additional personnel and volunteer experts in this field, that will assist visitors at the hub.  This team of professionals is focused on helping our middle school students this year. Next year, as the cohort moves into high school, the team will be ready to undertake the next steps towards college readiness and preparedness,” said Davila, C-CREO Hub Liaison. For more information stop by the hub located at 2020 N. Grand Ave. they are located inside the Santa Cruz Center or call 520-375-7947. 

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