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People that “echo”-Jeaneth Sanchez

This month’s people that echo features Jeaneth Sanchez a rising star in Santa Cruz County. She is the Girl Scouts membership specialist for Santa Cruz County. 
Ms. Sanchez was born in Nogales, Sonora Mexico. She later immigrated to Nogales, Arizona with her parents and siblings, the youngest of 5 sisters. She is happily married and mother of a 7-year-old boy currently in 2nd grade attending Francisco Vasquez of Coronado Elementary. 

“I am fortunate to be in such a great community where people work together to advocate and support each other. I believe that we all need to belong,  that sense of belonging is what connects me to Santa Cruz County,” said Jeaneth. 

A membership specialist is responsible for membership engagement, retention,  development, execution of programs, and sales. The role of the membership specialist is to assess the needs, wants and interests of each potential participant matching them to the appropriate youth programs. 

“This is not just a “job” being a  part of Girl Scouts means that I get to help and educate people, learn new things about the world, and have fun while I do it.
It means doing things for people other than myself and feeling good about it. I have the opportunity to serve as a role model for many girls and that makes me extremely proud,”said Jeaneth. 

“I explain to potential members the benefits of being part of Girl Scouts. I provide parents with a point of contact, a list of program participants 
 and retention activities. My accomplishments in this organization are many, from starting a new troop to hosting events for our members and the community. We provide resources and support for current Girl Scouts and volunteers as they learn and build new skills for the future,” said Ms. Sanchez.

People that “echo”-Jeaneth Sanchez

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