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Mayor’s Corner-September Echoes

I would like to welcome back all teachers, staff, parents and students to the start of the 2019-2020 school year! 

As a teacher myself, I truly know that students are the reason we love teaching.  When students come onto campus, we celebrate their potential, accomplishments and drive to learn.  We also value the parents/guardians for their dedication; we how that their constant positive presence makes an impact and ignites every child’s confidence in life.   I strongly believe that when families, community groups, businesses and schools’ band together to support learning, children achieve more, stay in school and enjoy the experience of learning more.  Good luck to all the schools in Santa Cruz County & Have a successful new school year!

Events and Happenings at City Hall

  • The 2nd Annual Dedicated Employee’s Years of Service Ceremony was on July 22.  I was absolutely delighted to see how so many City of Nogales employees received Years of Service Plaques.  This is a terrific achievement; every employee should be very proud of their incredible dedication to the City of Nogales.   
  • City Council Members and myself attended the National Health Week at the Mariposa Community Health Center on August 8th.   Congratulations to all the employees for their 20 and more years of service, rooted in communities, Nogales, Rio Rico, Tubac and Patagonia.   Again, thank you for the unselfish, passionate and enthusiastic personnel at the Mariposa Community Health Centers across Santa Cruz County! 
  • Mayor and Council unanimously approved the budget for the fiscal year 2020 on July 16.
Celebrating our City Police Department for the Year’s of Service!
  • Congratulations to the Little League Intermediate West Regional Baseball players!  It is a great honor that the Little League Association hosts the tournament in Nogales!  A shout-out to Vice Mayor Jorge Maldonado for this hard work and contributions to the Little League Baseball Association!
  • A “Thank You” to the United Way of Santa Cruz for inviting Cathy and myself to the 30th Annual Border Shoot-Out Charity Golf Tournament! 
  • On behalf of the City Council and myself, I would like to welcome our new Fire Chief, Mr. Jefferey Sargent to Nogales.   
  • Our dedicated city employees are busy working on several street projects; Water/Paving replacements is on-going and streets and roads are constantly being improved.  We appreciate your patience as we push through several construction phases. Please feel free to reach out to my office should you have any questions about a specific project you see around the city.
Letty Robinson Celebrating 25 years of Excellence with Mayor Garino!
Celebrating National Health Week at the Mariposa Community Clinic
City Employees celebrating their Years of Service Awards!

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