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2019 Educational Camps

Robotics Camp 2019

The Summer Robotics Camp was extremely popular among local 3rd through 5th-grade  students. A total of 130 campers registered and attended the 5 day, two hour sessions. As the days progressed, the projects got more intricate and increased in their degree of difficulty. The purpose of these camps are to teach students how to design and build robotics while also teaching them about teamwork, cooperation, respect, and communication. Parents were invited to attend as students showcased their robots and competed against other teams. Students were given a robotic kit upon completing their program. The camp T-shirts were sponsored by South 32 Hermosa Project. The instructors Brenda and Carlos Valdez from Zigma Consulting held closing ceremonies on the last day of each of the sessions. These camps were organized and sponsored by the Office of the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent, Alfredo I. Velásquez.  

Pharmcamp 2019

U of A Pharmcamp took place this summer at the Santa Cruz Center.  The week-long University of Arizona camp was attended by 30 middle school students across the county and was sponsored by Alfredo I. Velásquez, Santa Cruz County School Superintendent.  Students had an opportunity to interact with camp counselors who were Gear Up Coaches, NHS graduate Edgar Tavera, and UofA Pharmacy students. Several local high school students volunteered to be camp counselors.The camp was led by Professor Theodore Tong. The goal of the camp was to create career awareness so that students may begin to think of future careers as nurses, doctors and pharmacists.  Dr. Tong uses a wide variety of strategies within his lessons. Many of the activities involved hands-on learning experiments in the science labs.  

Vib’n Certified

Vib’n Certified  is a 5-day educational camp that took place at the Santa Cruz Center. A total of 40 campers had an opportunity to do a hands-on approach, which emphasizes a growth mindset and is unique to each individual based on their own real-life experiences and personal ideals. The objective of this educational camp is to prepare young adults to become responsible leaders, mentally and emotionally capable of navigating the unknown experiences that are part of not only the college experience, but life. Vib’n Certified provides access to mentors that intertwine effective knowledge of their field with relationship-building stories and highlights of their professional and personal journeys to find success. Participants graduate our program having gained the skills necessary to better understand their own journey and become leaders full of purposeful intention not only for themselves, but also for their communities. 

We wish to thank the Santa Cruz Center, Dr. Stella Perez and her staff for hosting all of our summer camps this summer.We’d like to thank Sodexo for providing meals, Mr. Velasquez and the SCCSSO and Adolescent Wellness for sponsoring the youth educational camps. Our gratitude to Walgreens, Mariposa Community Health Center, and Carondelet Holy Cross Hospital for welcoming field trips.

For more information about these educational camps for youth please contact Sandra Davila/ Career Center Liaison
C-CREO, Gear Up Program
Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office
2150 N. Congress Drive Suite 107
Nogales, AZ 85621

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