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Mayor’s Corner-June Echoes

Mayor Message:

Hello and greetings to you and yours!

I personally want to congratulate all the graduates!  Graduation is one of the biggest achievements in anyone’s life.  It is certainly the culmination of one sweet chapter in a person’s life and the beginning of another chapter where one can start to write a new story.  

On behalf of Mayor and Council, good luck to each graduate and their respective families! With summer comes changes and at city hall, we are making some new things happen.  As Mayor, I am thrilled with the momentum we are developing in moving forward. It’s important that the positive impacts our existing projects have on our economy and quality of life will be felt for years to come.

I want to thank our constituents for the numerous calls voicing their concerns and suggestions regarding improving our community.  My goal continues to bring clarity and focus to city hall and to process the concerns of our citizens.


  1. Cinco de Mayo celebration was a success!  Congratulations to all the participants and to all the organizers and sponsors.  
  2. Jesus M. Cordova Park

*Officer Cordova’s memory will live on at City Park!  The city of Nogales proclaims the park in front of city hall to be Jesus M. Cordova Park.  

  1. Challenger Elementary Chorus visit city hall.  On behalf of the city hall employees, a big thank you to the students and Mr. Milner for their visit.  
  2. NPD Citizens Policy Academy held its own graduation on April 25 at city hall. The academy is meant to teach participants about the different tasks the police department performs and creates partnerships between the police and community.  Congratulations to all the new graduates!

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