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SCVUSD 35 Middle School Students

Of these, thirty-eight students earned scores that qualified them for the summer program: seventh graders earned 420 or higher in verbal or math; eighth graders earned 470 or higher in verbal or math.
“This confirms for me, what I have known for years, that our students can be as competitive as any other student on a national level,” said Assistant Superintendent Stephen Schadler.
Qualifying students from Coatimundi are: Isabella I. Cabrera, Paulina A. Fontes, Edric Herrera, Leah N. Hetherington, Johana A. Holman, David E. Jauregui, Tiffany A. Lopez, Briana B. Madrid, Christian E. Padilla, Matthew F. Ramsower, Kayla T. Riesgo, Uriel O. Rivas, Elizabeth A. Valencia, Elyse A. Batriz, Atticus A. Birkett, Amy A. Contreras, Damian De La Torre, Hailee I.
Gonzalez, Alfredo Haro, Sheila V. Mendivil, Juan P. Nunez, Samantha C. Quijada, Sophia E. Renteria, Aniella G. Ruiz, Fiona Solis, LLuvia L. Suarez
Qualifying students from Calabasas are: Cesar Campos, Angel X. Godinez, Alexandra Hernandez, Stefen E. Kemp, Christopher N. Niebla, Maria M. Armenta, Sabrina J. Ceja, Gamaliel De La Rosa, Ivanna Garcia, Sofia B. Ibarra, Airyle L. McIlrath, Miren V. Miranda

Thirty-eight SCVUSD35 middle school students, twelve from Calabasas and
twenty-six from Coatimundi, qualified to participate in the Johns Hopkins summer program.
Fifty-five SCVUSD35 middle school students participated in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Search. They did so by taking the high school Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) – a test designed to measure college and career readiness — along with high school seniors in December and March.

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