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Southern Arizona Autism Association Joins Forces

The Southern Arizona Autism Association joined forces with a new non profit under Wild and Free Ranch to bring a social and life skills program for children pre K- 12th grade .

This is the first inclusive and adaptive program focused on team building , building self esteem and working on fine motor skills. Each participant has an opportunity to be paired with a child with special needs to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and build healthy relationships. They learn about the animals and  attend self awareness workshops using the animals on the property as tools. At the start of each workshop, participants line up in a circle to offer a safe space to introduce themselves. Children of all ages are encouraged to build their self confidence in introducing themselves and talking about the things they like. After introductions, and instructions are provided with goals for the day. The workshops vary depending on age groups and size of class. For example, children will have the opportunity to participate in building trust, work in teams, and work with billy goats painting muscle structures.

No two classes are the same. Positive behavior reinforcements along with ABA techniques are used to engage children in these workshops.  Caregivers are also welcomed to attend and participate. This is a program based on building parent-child relationships. Everyone that attends is asked to participate. For more information please contact Michelle Jacquez, President of Southern Arizona Autism Association at (520)477-1227 visit their website at:

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