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Valentine’s Extravaganza Hosted by SCPLC

On Thursday, February 14, 2019  the Santa Cruz Parent Love Connection (SCPLC) hosted a celebration of appreciation for children with special needs  their families and community members of Santa Cruz County. Children were greeted and were welcomed to enter the BallRoom where dozens of pink, red, lavender and white balloons where on the floor for them to enjoy. Kids received cute Valentine hats to wear during the event. Many of the children brought friends from school and the community. Attendees enjoyed a beautiful Valentine tardeada, while they also enjoyed a  delicious potluck. Attendees enjoyed a variety food items like cold cuts, cheese sandwiches, mini chimichangas, taquitos, pizza, cold salads, pasta salads and a table full of delicious pastries and desserts.

During the event several teddy bears were raffled, attendees also enjoyed three hours of music. The DJ made birthday announcements for January and February of children celebrating birthday for these months.   

“We are very happy we’re able to host this event for our special needs children, their friends, and family.  It was an opportunity for parents and the community to get involved by celebrating Valentine’s Day with our special needs children. It is an opportunity to celebrate love and friendships while letting the community know that our children are more alike than different. We as parents of special needs children value them and celebrate their lives. We appreciate the support from the public, volunteers, and community readers  for attending this unique social event. A special thank you to our volunteers! This event was funded by parents, community contributions, and Southern Arizona Network for Down syndrome (SANDS.),” said Maria Scholnick Program Director of SCPLC.

SCPLC is a support and advocacy system established in 2010 for families raising children with special needs in Santa Cruz County. For more information call Maria Scholnick at 520-470-5833

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