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Dedicated to Public Service-Santa Cruz Recorder’s Office

The Santa Cruz County Recorder’s Office has plenty of recorded history, with records dating back from 1899. It is the year, in which Santa Cruz County was first recognized as a county as they were once part of Pima County.  In addition to this, the recorder’s office holds election rosters from 1904, 1911 and 1932. The Santa Cruz County Recorder’s Office serves a population of approximately 46,000.

Suzanne “Suzie” Sainz has been the County Recorder for 24 years. A total of 7 staff members work in the recorder’s office.  Staff member are: Patty Garcia-Office Manager, Luiz Gonzalez-Senior Voter Registrar/Recorder Clerk, Stephanie Ballesteros-Voter/Recorder Clerk and Cristina Rojas Voter/Recorder Clerk.  The part time temporary employees are Omar Armenta, Martha Gomez and Maria Balbuena, an office volunteer. The County Recorder has two primary functions in our county. They provide services to the county by recording important documents such as the transfer of property deeds, property sales, maps, surveys, military discharges, mortgages,  federal and state tax liens, or any other types of documents the public wishes to record.

The recorded documents are assigned a reception number and the data is entered into the recording program as a permanent record. “Our mission is to serve the public. We help the public with finding recorded documents. We also help to register and educate eligible voters and document voters voting history.  Our office provides voters with the option of early voting, information on early voting sites and voters with the option of voting by mail. We are also in the process of preserving our historical maps from 1899 through the 1960’s and digitizing our historical recorded documents from 1899 through 1982,” said Suzie Sainz County Recorder Officer.  
The recorder’s office makes copies of the documents based on public request for research purposes. The documents are also imaged and microfilmed. The County Recorder’s Office other primary duty is Voter Registration, Vote by Mail and Early Voting. They register eligible voters in the county by conducting voter outreach at community functions and providing qualified electors with voter registration forms.

The Recorder’s Office maintains voter registrations by entering the data onto a statewide voter registration database that assigns the voters to their appropriate precincts and districts. They  prepare early ballots for electors that choose to vote by mail or vote early in person. The Recorder’s Office provides early voting sites at their location and different locations throughout the county.   

“Our office participates in a number of events and  programs in Santa Cruz County. We enjoy participating in the Jump Back to School, Rio Rico School Blitz,, Children’s Health Fair, Autism Awareness, Nogales Mercado, 4th of July Celebration in Nogales, 5 de Mayo Event, Patagonia Fall Festival, County Job Fairs, Santa Cruz County Fair, Wellness Connection, Career Day at the local high schools and elementary schools in Santa Cruz County,” said Suzie Sainz County Recorder Officer.

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